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Advised a world leading business school to establish an Asian research center in Hong Kong (completed) 

Execution: interviewed potential candidates for the chairperson position, and make some recommendation

Execution: coordinated the preparations for the center’s opening (Company Setup)

Information Translation: act as the liason between the senior management from the university and the onsite personal

Assisted the same business school in organizing its first Asian Pacific Alumni Conference (Completed)

Strategy Design: Identified leading Chinese figures in business, government and academy, and establish contacts so as to include them as keynote speakers

Execution: Searched and identified the conference venue, and negotiated for event rental rates, attentee hotel and transportation (Location)

Execution: Made preparations for the conference, including program setup, food and beverages, brochures, entertainment programes and souveniors (Conference Setup)

Assisted a leading global consultant company in evaluating a German business whose products are widely used in Asia (Completed) 

Information translation: translated and conducted a thorough questionaire for the Chinese customers, distributors and potential competitors

Market Research: analysed market demand, product distribution, competitive substitution, and growth potential 

Advise a high end niche publishing company in setting up strategies for Asian / Greater China Market (on going)

Market Research: analyse market demand, product’s pricing, sales/distribution center Business Culture Coaching:inform management and the board about the business customs in China